On my behalf: I’m sharing my CEO role with a long term mentor and partner. With the goal to make Wildstyle Network a future-proof hub for fast digital entrepreneurship, for product innovations, reasearch & development leading to an outstanding form of creative digital communication. To progressively develop tomorrow’s modern companies.

The Wildstyle Network innovation team: Anja Neufert (COO), Dirk Popp (CO-CEO), Steve Nitzschner (CO-CEO and Founder)

Through Dirk Popp I learned to develop a unique view of creating an unmatched company. It’s still called Wildstyle Network but it will get a new recognition soon.
Dirk always supported my ideas and also our projects to accelerate digital entrepreneurship by co-founding and investing in fresh startup teams and crazy ideas. For almost 15 years now, we’re using Wildstyle Network’s agency profits to fuel a fund and to build a portfolio of international startups from all angles: Robotic, big data, AI, automotive, social impact, gaming and many other verticals that make a difference in our lifetime. …

Here is a short and simple advice I can now tell after debating, scheduling, executing and analysing partnerships with startups. Partnerships between startups and other companies or organizations were mainly negotiated to bridge the needed puzzle pieces a startup cannot provide to fulfil product-market-fit.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

If you can manage it, do not partner with anyone. The more partners your business model or product depends on, the more you have to

  • split your attention
  • split your learnings
  • split the pie

With partners you have to fight for your point of view. The more partners you have, the more time it will take to execute anything.

Think and limit needed partnerships to learn the skills yourself, bootstrap. Then hire the right people to execute your missing pieces step by step.

If you still think partnerships are important, rethink your product. Eliminate the piece in your model the…

At Wildstyle Network we believe that, in this crisis-coated economy, the truly ambitious and talented entrepreneurs are now most likely to solve the greatest challenges we face. To achieve that it takes great people, a commitment to developing deep relationships with customers, and entering untapped markets and territories. We’re happy to announce an additional investment in one of our angel fund’s portfolio companies, HOLYO. Here’s why:

Recognising the achievements of a great founder-funder

As founders with deep expertise in product and operations, the Holyo team invested their own money in Holyo’s success. This convinced us to top-up every € spent with our fund’s money.

Why is the founder-funder story important? Well, the founding team has proven themself to be an invaluable asset of the venture. Now we can focus on co-developing the venture without any strings attached and with full steam ahead.

The WSN Angels & Startups team is proud to work with a balanced mission driven team here at Holyo and we’re excited to see what we will achieve together in the…

Building great products is often about software and real-world problems of certain personas. Now humanity is continiously facing a global challenge and it is a priority to almost everyone. The Coronavirus is a threat for the wealthy and the poor, for developers, engineers and designers alike. Our teams at Wildstyle Network and our venture portfolio teamed up to come back with the basic problem to fight the disease: Social Distance. That was at the beginning of the crisis — in Feb/March 2020. Now, weeks later, Apple is the biggest blocker for community developed solutions. Here’s why.

What is SocDist?

Social Distance App helps everyone with a mobile phone to keep a physical distance to other people. The problem oftentimes is that we’re not used to keeping distance in our busy lives. Standing at the cash desk, meeting neighbors at the garden fence or chatting to good friends. These are the moments when we’re headless and when we don’t remind ourselves that a distance of 2 Meters (or 6ft) is the most viable weapon against the virus.

How does SocDist work?

The app measures Bluetooth signals of other devices around you. The algorithm understands and differs from devices you’re familiar with. …

(updated Friday, 13th) Impact of Coronavirus on technology might change our society as we know it — for the bad and, this may sound strange, for the good. Everyone who went through the Dot.com crisis in the early 2000s and the financial crisis in 2008 knows what will happen in the next six to twelve months. Do you?

I was twenty years old and running a hybrid analog/digital business at the end of 1999. Through mentors and the ability to analyse certain trends, I was able to foresee what technology and the internet will change in the global society. Although I lost 75% of my savings at the stock markets druing the crash. Nevertheless, the learnings were greater than the negative effects. I then knew how to trade, where to invest, what sustainability means to a digital business and what kind of ideas create value. The same happened in the year 2008 when the Lehman Brothers effect turned…

The interim conclusion of most of the corporate innovation units and their collabo with startups is devastating and showing first signs of resignation at the C-level. The too widespread claim in the beginning was: Just do it. Now it’s time to re-evaluate the unstrategized provision of capital and talents.

With digital labs, incubators and a lot of venture capital, European corporations and medium-sized companies are trying to pave their own way into the future. Mostly in Berlin, in Tel Aviv or with subsidiaries in Silicon Valley.

Especially car makers using the global startup ecosystem to foster their innovation (see my Medium publication about Corporate Startup Dealmaking). At least this is their goal. Don’t get me wrong. I adore their efforts and my earlier writing explains why - especially Daimler’s pioneering moves. However, a first corporate innovation mover also tells a story or two about failure and what the corporate…

On behalf of Wildstyle Network, I’m honored to lead the CTI conference as its chairman and host. With a focus on applied AI in automotive we’ll discuss the state of Artificial Intelligence with profound engineers, developers, thinkers and digital entrepreneurs. At a time when the space gets extremely heated, competitive and partly overhyped.

With the entry into a new decade, we are leaving an exciting technology decade behind us. No other topic has been so controversially discussed, so progressively developed, researched and applied as artificial intelligence.
As chairman of the AI in Automotive Conference, I would like to invite you to deploy a new decade on December 3rd and 4th 2019 in Munich.
And thus I also welcome you to panel discussions, impulse lectures, demos and controversial, provocative theses on artificial intelligence in cars.

The Conference Unbundled

Gathering the best thought leaders from the bleeding edge of applied AI, across business, driver experience, technical, and legal…

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Fundraising is an extraordinary process in the life of a startup. With a lot of luck it only takes 1–2 months. Sometimes it takes nine to twelve months. Over the course of 10 years — I’m including myself here too — I’ve met many founders who had no realistic idea how many steps it would take — from “We need money!” to “The money is finally in the account”.

Here’s how founders should apply this timeline:
1. Read carefully
2. Open…

Technology has levelled the playing field, opening up remarkable opportunities for intra- and entreprenerus fighting for a social change. They’re not only looking for grants but to become a profitable business —oftentimes within their corporate environment. Here’s my 2019 top5 of great social innovators.

Packing dozens of First Response Kits for newly arrived children. It was part of my very own initiative Lorem Ipsum Without Borders where Steve Nitzschner is gathering talents to help other NGOs with hands-on approach during periods like Christmas when volunteers are less active but help is needed the most. Copyright Steve Nitzschner 2017 Lesvos/Greece

Fighting Homelesness With Beacons In Winter Coats

Kindly.org fills a critical niche within the tech eco system, helping local communities to leverage their member’s talents to volunteer to gain purpose by providing their time and valuable skills. This will help solving the most burning challenges of our communities.

Kindly’s Millennial Volunteers Have Fun While Volunteering in Twin Cities.

Our pre-seed investment fund WSN Angels & Startups has one specific area that we as an agency driven fund are interested in.

It’s is how the global and local workforce is actually changing. Inlcuding all impacts that come along with the drastic societal, economical and psychological changes.

The Future Of Work Re-Engineered

The problem statement: What we do in our job today, will be gone in 5–8 years! This creates a loss of purpose for people, frustration in a community, more mobility and travel time, health issues due to loneliness and so on.
If you haven’t lived under a stone for the last 5 years, it…

Steve Nitzschner

Serial Co-Founder in US, CN, IN, EU. Wildstyler at ♥, Board Holyo.com, Little Bird, Kindly.org, Proximal Internet’s Chief Prophet, Google Launchpad Mentor. Hi!

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